Explorer pricing is based on two things: the plan you choose which includes a number of projects slots (the possibility to work with concurrent projects) and the number of credits you need (one credit is used to analyze one response). The plan price includes a number of credits as well (currently 1200). If you need more credits you can buy any amount at any time on the account page and credits never expire unless you use them.

When are we charged?

The Gavagai explorer pricing model is pre-paid. This means you pay for your subscription, monthly, at the beginning of the month, and you pay for credits before you use them, at the time of purchase. The subscription is charged to your credit card or invoiced at the beginning of the month and if you buy extra credits they are charged to your credit card immediately when you buy them or invoiced at the next subscription renewal at the beginning of the next month. This means that if you have invoicing on your account, and you buy extra credits, the credit purchases will actually be post-paid. The reason being that we don't want to send out invoices several times per month if you buy credits several times.

So if we use a credit card how can we consolidate the charging?

You have three options:

  1. Ask Gavagai to configure automatic refills of credits each month. This is a feature which automatically purchases a set number of credits for you each month, at the same time that the subscription is renewed. You can choose any number of credits and they will be charged and then added to your account each month. This results in one credit card charge per month.
  2. Buy credits in bulk. If you manually make a large purchase of credits you can spend them at any time across many months. You would still be charged separately for that single purchase and for every monthly subscription renewal, but any time you used your credits they would be subtracted from your account instead of being charged at that time.
  3. Ask to be switched to invoicing. You will get one invoice at the beginning of your billing period. It will include the pre-paid charge for the subscription as well as any accrued credit purchases from the past month.