Lets say you are looking for texts that talk about two different topics at the same time, that is, simultaneously in the same text. 

1. If we create our model with those two topics and pinned, lets call them X and Y, then Export the report as Excel. 

2. Go to the data Tab and find the columns for Topic: X (lets assume it is column D) and Topic: Y (lets assume it is column E)

3. Insert a new column  at column F and name this header "Topic: X AND Topic: Y"

4. In the first cell, enter the Excel Formula =IF(D2 = 1, IF(E2 = 1, 1,0))*

5. Drag down the formula or use the Short Cut Control D / Command D for mac.

We now have column F with 1 if Topic X and Topic Y appear and a 0 otherwise.

*The If tests the conditional D2 = 1 that is, the topic x appears in the cell D2, if that is true then we test if E2 = 1 that is, the topic y appears in cell E2, if that is true then we put a 1, false otherwise.