If you want to use data from Explorer in SPSS, there are few steps that you need to follow:

  • Make sure your file has headers. We also suggest that you have at least 500 rows containing texts in your file.
  • When you export the result of your analysis in Explorer, we suggest that you always choose our CSV format rather than our Excel format. This is basically because handling the multiple Excel sheets is not straightforward in SPSS. 
  • Import your CSV file into SPSS. You can do this by selecting Read Text Data under File tab in SPSS and choosing your file.
  • SPSS Statistics only works with numeric values. Therefore, if you have some metadata columns that contain strings and you would like them to contribute to your analysis, you need to convert them to numeric values. After you import your data to SPSS, you can easily do this inside SPSS by clicking Recode under Transform tab.

In case you want to use data from SPSS in Explorer, you need to convert your SAV file to CSV or Excel. You can do this inside SPSS by selecting Export under File tab.