The Excel report is composed of three parts. The first sheet contains a summary of your data analysis. The second sheet contains your original texts, each one analysed according to sentiments and your customized concepts. The third sheet contains meta-data relating to your project.

In you have chosen to apply a filter to your data, you will notice that the second sheet containing original texts contains empty rows. These represent data which was filtered out according to the criteria in your data analysis and is therefore not included in the report. The blank rows ensure that each text in the output file is contained in exactly the same row as the original upload file. If you wish to remove these empty rows, this can be done in a couple of clicks inside Excel. 

You can do one of the following:

1. Select a column, Sort by a - z. Then the empty rows will just be at the bottom.

2. Highlight your data and use the ‘Remove Duplicates’ command inside the ‘Data’ tab. Although you might get actual rows deleted that were duplicates.

3. Select all of your data including the empty rows and select Go To -> Click Special -> Choose blanks. All the blank cells will be highlighted and you can right click and delete the selected rows.