Models can be uploaded to the "My Models" page in your account. Navigating to this page, you will notice the button 'Upload model'. Once a model has been uploaded, it can then be applied to any project in the relevant language, through the individual project 'edit' pages.

Uploaded model files must conform to a specified format. You will need to have the following columns:

  • Index - a reference number for each topic.
  • Label - each cell should contain a topic name.
  • Pinned - 'true' or 'false', depending on your desired configuration (note lower case only in this column).
  • Terms - the words used to define each topic in your data.

It is also possible to configure groups or topics, as in the usual Explorer graphical interface. The title of the group should be indexed as an integer, see the example "Customer Initiatives" in the above example. The topics to feature inside the group should then be indexed using the group's number followed by a decimal, as for "Wine Tasting" and "Pastry Buffet" above.

The model upload format is similar to the Excel report file that you obtain from exporting a project from the Explorer - the first five columns are the same.