*Please note you must have a Gold SurveyMonkey account to use Explorer's SurveyMonkey integration.

1. Sign in or Register for free at https://www.gavagai.io/

        Feel free to watch the features video or the on-boarding video

2. Create a project

3. Click Import your project from SurveyMonkey

        It is important your survey had questions that requested open ended answers

4. You should now be back to the home page with a New Project called: Imported from Survey Monkey

5. Click Explore, which is the first explore

6. Choose your main text column, which should be the open ended question

        For example, a question “Why?” was asked in your survey

        The language is flagged automatically

7. Scroll Down to click Explore

You will now have an ordered list of topics from the survey answers, by frequency. Each topic will report a frequency score and a sentiment score. In addition, associations to those topics. That is, a breakdown of topics that are associated with each topic.

To ensure your topics are very robust, capturing all sentences referencing that topic, you can go into each topic’s pane by clicking the small numbers. And clicking more terms.

If you would like to watch a video explaining The Explorer.