If you think that there may be mentions of a term that are not getting 'picked up' by a topic it may be the case that those mentions are actually part of bigger multiword expressions. Multiword expressions in Explorer are terms with more than one word that occur sufficiently often in the overall language use to warrant being a term in their own right. For example: the word 'french' is often used with the word 'fries' to form 'french fries'. If you do analysis on some data about a restaurant you probably want 'french fries' to be an expression as a whole so that you can find out what people think about them. Explorer handles this automatically. But what if the most common expression for the fried potato dish is simply 'fries' and this is the topic you find when you do explore? Explorer handles this as well: any multiword expressions containing the word 'fries' will appear as suggestions to enable you to include them if you wish. In this case you would get 'french fries' as a suggestion and you can easily add it by just clicking on it. This mechanism has another use as well. Since you can enter terms manually, and manual terms will also be searched for in multiword expressions, you can use the manual entry as a search function. Enter any single word and press explore and any multiword expressions that contain that word will appear as suggestions.