Yes there are a few ways to try the various parts of the API.

  1. Interactive documentation. For all of the API endpoints you can use the built in documentation for interactively testing the API. For example, if you want to test the keywords API, you log into and then go to keywords. There your api key will be filled in along with some example json data that will be used for the test call. You can replace the example data with your own as long as you make sure to use the same format of the json structure.
  2. Postman Chrome extension. You can use a chrome extension/app called Postman. In it, you define the endpoints that you want to call and then add your own data. This works for any of the endpoints. Postman is a very flexible and powerful tool as it allows you to save your configuration and share it with your team.
  3. Gavagai Sentiment Google sheets add-on. If you want to use the 'tonality' API in an easy way, there is a Google sheets add-on for just that. Install the Gavagai Sentiment Google sheets add-on and then follow the instructions. It will let you analyze spreadsheets of texts right in the google sheets app.