The Gavagai Explorer Large Tier has a feature for scraping reviews from certain websites.

You need to be on the Large Tier.

Then you need to contact support to turn on this feature for your account. You will be charged an additional $250 per month for this feature. You will be able to scrape a maximum of 500,000 texts. If you go over you will be charged for overage so be careful which URLs you choose. You can also use previously scraped data from our repository.

Once the feature is activated you will see a button "Scrape Data" which you can click. 

Clicking the button will bring you to this page:

1: Optional. The URL to scrape from, for example


2: Optional. The Google Search Query to enter for example:

hm 111 5th ave - this would result in the google reviews scraped for the HM at 111 5th ave.

five guys burgers nyc 253 w - this would result in the google reviews scraped for the Five Guys burger chain.

3: Max number - we recommend to scrape the minimum amount needed. The more reviews the longer the scraping will take. Around 50,000 reviews is a good number to keep as a maximum.

4: use the ISO 639-1 codes for languages to filter out. Here is a list of all of them:

Note this is a beta feature so occasionally some of the features might not work and things might change such as price. The reviews scraped will become a red link that when clicked results in a CSV file you can use for The Explorer. The file will be available for all Scrape users to share and download. 

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